Having the same information on all online directories is crucial to the success of your company online.

Correcting and maintaining accurate business information such as: business name, business address, and phone number is an essential part of the optimization process.  Search engines compare your business information in smaller directories to ensure it matches the information that is on your Google listing and website.  Lack of proper information on these directories can cause your online positioning to be impacted negatively.


Our company understands the importance of solidarity when it comes to your online information.  We can gather the correct business information from your company and begin the process of getting all online directories to reflect your proper information.  Other companies in the data management industry charge very large sums of money to complete these tasks.


Liberation Logics LLC is the truly affordable solution to the painstaking process of data correction.  The price we charge for this service is dependent upon how much online information is outdated or incorrect.  Our starting rate for data correction is $249 and up.  We will create a document for your company showing all the directories in which we have submitted corrections.  Once we have completed all the online directories we will send you a copy of the document.

Give us a call at (619) 888-7437 and get your business noticed.