At Liberation Logics, we pride ourselves in fulfilling all the online needs of a dentist office. Whether you need a new website to stake your claim on your part of the internet, or you’re looking for a brand new look to excite and entice future clients, we have the tools necessary to take care of you and your team.


We have been in the marketing business for awhile and have developed and customized plans for each and every client. We are a great fit for your dentist office because we, like you, know how to provide each client with personal care. When calling or e-mailing us, you will not get a third party with the intent of generically fielding your calls to be dealt with later. We know you take great care in providing your clients with a personal and caring experience with each office visit, and we offer the same level of quality in our service to you.


Call us at (619) 888-7437 or e-mail us and you will be directly connected to our office. We will be happy to explain to you all of our available options, as well as provide recommendations for you based on the size and needs of your dentist office.


Looking for more patients in your dentist office?

Look no more! Liberation Logics is here to help.


Aside from the personal service we provide, we also offer:

  • No Contracts
    All of our contracts are provided as a month-to-month agreement. We don’t require you to sign a multi-year contract like many other companies. Once they’ve got you under a lengthy contract, there is no guarantee that they have your best interest in mind. With our month-to-month policy, we feel this shows prospective clients that we mean business. We succeed by helping great dentists like yourself succeed.
  • Rank or Don’t Pay Policy
    We are continually working to improve your online footprint. When you have a Website or Local Listing through us that we are optimizing for first page results on Google, we include with our service a guarantee called the Rank or Don’t Pay Policy. To further establish our commitment to you, the Rank or Don’t Pay Policy means we only bill you for your optimized website or local listing if it is currently ranked on the front page of Google for a handful of agreed upon search terms. A bold stance in today’s online marketing industry, this ensures you are only paying us when you get the results you want. We work our hardest to get you ranked on the first page, and then we provide your listing or website with updates and new content to help keep it there.
  • You Own Your Website
    So often, many web design companies that purport to focus upon the dental industry, include stifling restrictions in their agreements. Locking you into lengthy contracts and not allowing you to actually own the website your dental office uses for its online persona. We believe that once your dentist office’s website is finished, with all of your information and images (if available) gracing its pages, the site should be yours. This gives you the freedom to use the modern style of your website across multiple platforms including postal mailers, business cards, and even tv commercials.

The online marketing team at Liberation Logics is here to provide you with a wide variety of online tools to improve your dentist office’s online reputation. We can design a personal website for your dentist office, and then have your new website and your Google+ local listing ranking on the front page. Review building tools such as ReviewLogics, an in-house review management tool, is another option we have available that we have found many dentists to find necessary in expanding and adding to the positive reviews of their office online. If you would like to expand your dentist office to include the ability to take dentist appointments right from your website, we can set you up with that as well.

You may speak with us directly at (619) 888-7437.